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Relish Guitars MARY ONE QM – SORRY SOLD!

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Bamboo fret board
Mary One Quilted Maple Front
Mary One Quilted Maple Front_01
Mary One Quilted Maple Headstock
Mary One Quilted Maple Open_Back
Bamboo fret boardMary One Quilted Maple FrontMary One Quilted Maple Front_01Mary One Quilted Maple HeadstockMary One Quilted Maple Open_Back

Relish Guitars MARY ONE QM – SORRY SOLD!


Relish Guitars MARY ONE Burl Ash

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Relish Guitars MARY ONE Quilted Maple “Bordeaux” with optional Ghost piezo system

The NEXT GENERATION of the electric guitar!

You can customise your guitar with individual choices of main body colour, edge colour, rear body colour, unique wood panel selections with optional colour stains.

You can even personalise the electronics of your MARY ONE with different Relish, Seymour Duncan or Bare Knuckle pickup sets PLUS the option to add a Ghost piezo pickup system – and you can change the pickups for a different set at any time!

PICKUP SWAPPING SYSTEM –  ONE Guitar for any music genre.

Get your perfect sound for Rock, Blues, Pop, Jazz… Just swap the pickups

  • Swap your pickups within seconds
  • Several pickup sets from Seymour Duncan, Bareknuckle & Relish available
  • Height adjustment by hand
  • Tilt adjustment by Allen key

TOUCH CONTROL  –  The Touch Control allows you to find your perfect neck/bridge pickup mix along the entire tone frequency & spectrum

  • Control your Mary One by a sleek touch pad
  • 17 mix positions
  • Coil Split function by two finger touch
  • Battery status indication by RGB LEDs
  • True Bypass & Analog Output Signal
  • Automatically falls into sleep mode after three minutes not in use to save battery & awakens immediately when you pick up your MARY ONE

Construction:  Relish Floating Sandwich Construction
Body Material:  Middle – Aluminum or Wood (Alder), Front & Back – High Pressure Veneers
Fretboard Material:  Dark Strand Woven Bamboo
Weight:  3.7 kg (8.2 lbs)
Scale Length:  650 mm (25.59“)
Neck Material:  Bent Maple
Neck Shape:  Contemporary “C“ shape
Nut Width:  42.5 mm (1.67”)
Nut Material:  Graphite
Truss Rod: Two-Way
Fretwire: 24 Medium Jumbo Silver Nickel Frets by Freedom Custom Guitar Research
Fretboard Radius: 10’’
Finish: Semi-matt Varnish
Pickups: Relish Buckers XV
Bridge: Relish Hardtail
Tuners: Gotoh
Switch: Touch Control
Strings: D’Addario NYXL 10-46

The secret of Relish Guitars’ unique sound and extensive sustain lies in the combination of the materials and revolutionary floating sandwich construction method. MARY ONE offers options for both wood or aluminium middle core for a brilliant crystal clear sound. The vibrance of the whole guitar is way different than any other!

RELISH GUITARS – our approach is to inspire musicians!

We stand for –

The secret of Relish Guitars’ unique sound and the extensive sustain lays in the combination of the materials and its construction.

Due to special construction methods and materials we achieve a unique sound and playability. The bodies are a sandwich construction. The vibrance of the whole guitar is way different to any other guitar.

We do not use tropical wood at all in our construction and for our fingerboards we use strand woven bamboo which, in addition to being an environmentally sustainable wood, has a wealth of sustain and tone. The bamboo is also extremely resilient to changes in humidity which results in less maintenance – it is even harder than Ebony!


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