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An excellent range of hand made studio processors from Denmark. These ingenious devices are built with incredible attention to detail using the finest quality components sourced from around the world.

This is what the manufacturer has to say…

We manufacture “real” tube audio devices, meaning that the audio signal paths in our equipment are kept clean of any active solid-state components like IC’s and transistors. Your audio will only pass through Transformers, Tubes and passive components on it’s way through any of our units. We’re not total purists, so we use modern solid-state electronics for non-audio purposes – like power supplies, metering and sidechains in the compressors.

The new G21 “Magneto-Dynamic Infundibulum” will contain certain semiconductors in the signal path, but used entirely passively.

In production, we focus on hand building single units or small series of 2-4 units at one time – we have given up on any sort of mass-production, as that has shown unsuitable for our designs. And yes, every single unit is still hand built.

Our product range covers a broad range of basic recording and mastering equipment: Microphone preamplifiers, Equalizers, Compressors and even the occasional tube microphone (In cooperation with Tim Campbell of Campbell Transmitter). We’re also into designing and building specialised equipment according to user specification – although this can be a costly and time-consuming process.

We base all our designs on readily available tubes, most of which are in current production. There’s no need to worry about future availability of these much needed glowing wonders.

For product development, we used Feedback Studios and their associated engineers as an advance “test bed” for our products, developing our products in close contact with our recording staff.

The real world is our most valuable test.

Gyraf Audio is the natural result of us working in the pro audio and recording business for more than fifteen years – as engineers, service-techs, and designers. Pro audio is an area where you need to be able to fix anything in no time – and come up with suitable technical solutions for just about any imaginable weird way of artistic thinking.

Having been through all this, the next step was to start designing our own stuff. It’s not always easy to get a piece of equipment that will produce just “that” sound that the recording engineer strives for. So we set out to try satisfying our in-house staff – and eventually came up with a couple of designs that everybody seemed to like.

We have the great advantage of a very short design cycle, because we are always working in close cooperation with the engineers running the studio sessions – meaning we can test drive a unit, get feedback, tweak, redesign and retest in a matter of hours.

Having worked like this for some years, other studios got interested in our “local” equipment – most engineers are no longer able to make a living off working in one studio, so many started hanging around at the competitor’s studios. These freelancers brought along some of our “local” products and this in turn generated interest in Gyraf’s various units.

So we needed a small production facility to be able to manufacture for other clients also – which we set up in the basement beneath our SSL-studio. Not much room, indeed just enough to be able to do small series of up to five units at a time.

And this is where we are now – small, and trying to catch up with a steadily rising demand for “old-fashioned” recording equipment. Demand is certainly not lessened by the introduction of affordable DAW-based recording – this is an area where users really need some analogue sonic “flavour” in order to get things sounding good.

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