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APS studio monitors are manufactured in Poland to world class standards using the finest materials and engineering design skills. Using premium components sourced from the European region, these powered studio monitor speakers offer incredible fidelity and musicality.
Here’s what the manufacturer has to say…
APS was established in 2006 as a project devoted to studio sound production technique. As we use professional project and measurement tools, we have total control over the final effect at each stage of the product creation. Ready-made projects are implemented into production with maximum attention paid to the quality of the final product.
Our present offer includes:
•active studio monitors
•high quality signal cables (custom design).
Experience we have gathered in designing products for studio use enables us to offer high quality products meant for enthusiasts of good sound. Our offer will also include passive monitors, based on the same transducers as in the case of active versions of studio monitors, as well as high quality signal and speaker cables.
We are continually working on new products and we will be pleased to inform you about them through our website or our distributors.

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