Comments we received from a satisfied customer in WA after delivery of his Setius M8 guitar – “This is really the nicest guitar I’ve ever played! At first when looking at the pictures I wasn’t sure about a few things like how comfortable the heel would be, and how the finish would feel and react with sweat and all. I have to say that everything I was worried about turned out to be completely the opposite. The bolt on neck gives great upper fret access, and the Bareknuckle pickups are pretty much the best thing I’ve ever even heard in a guitar, switching from active EMG 808X’s in my [other brand of guitar] to this is really something else. I found myself limited by the EMG’s with fuller chords (like proper 13th chords) that need 7 and even 8 strings to play properly with certain voicing’s. The EMG’s would give the muddiest sound and end up drowning out the top 5 strings, so there was less than no point even attempting them, but these Aftermath’s handle 8 string chords soooooo much better! You can clearly hear each note and everything, and also with them being coil tapped, it gives a hell of a lot more range in tones, especially with the clean stuff. The guitar plays perfectly too! It’s set up is pretty great with low action, and it was even still in tune when it arrived here and stayed that way for a good few days after arriving. Really this guitar is like my idea of perfection, the only thing I would say I’m missing is that it doesn’t give quite as much bass as my [other brand of guitar] did, but I can live with that!”